• Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?
Sandy Youth Football is available to any child entering 3rd through 8th grade in the fall of that current year, and lives within the Oregon Trail School District. We do accept children who are home schooled & attend private schools with residence within the school district.

Do I have to start playing in 3rd Grade?
We accept players on a first come first serve basis, and it is not required to have previous football experience at any grade level. We do recommend for players to begin as early as they & their families are comfortable with. The 3rd & 4th grade level is a great learning opportunity for players, and teaches the fundamentals in a less competitive atmosphere.

What kind of time commitment is Involved?

Football i
s a larger commitment than some sports due to the safety factors & training that is needed for the players to remain safe and competitive on the field. Their is a larger commitment earlier in the season. Practice consists of a maximum of 10 hours prior to Labor Day, and a maximum of 6 hours after Labor Day. Games are currently held only on Saturdays, with practices throughout the week (depending on grade level & coach). We do ask for all parents to volunteer approximately 2 hours of their time for Sandy Youth Tackle Football (Concessions, Field Maintenance, Team Moms, Chain Gang, etc..)

Can I request a coach or request to be on the same team as my friend?
All player assignments are based on the draft requirements set by Tualatin Valley Youth Football League. All drafts are overseen by the Athletic Director, Vice President, & President of the League. Special requests are not accepted with the excpetion of siblings playing on the same team when grade levels permit.

What is the Policy on Missing Games or Practices?
Attendance will be at the discretion of the head coach. We do strongly recommend attendance for all practices & games. If the child is unable to play due to injury or illness we would like them to come and support their teams when possible.

What do we need to provide for our children to play?
Sandy Youth Football provides the following equipment:
Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Jersey, Practice Pants, Belt, Game Jersey, Game Pants, Pads, Game Socks, and (1) mouth piece.

You will need to get your child cleats (molded only--NO SCREW IN), and we recommend an extra mouth piece (they tend to need to be replaced during the season due to wear or loss)