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Monthly Board Meeting

Hello, Sandy Youth Families We Will Be Having Our Board Elections Sunday, Nov 3rd at 6 pm In The Auditorium Of The Clackamas County Bank. The Positions Open For 2020 Are:

President (Must Be Currently A Board Member)
Team Mom Coordinator
Cheer Coordinator
Concessions Coordinator
Equipment Manager
Flag Coordinator

If Interested In Being Part Of Our Sandy Youth Football Board Please Come To This Meeting.

Those Allowed To Vote For Members Of Our Board Must Be A Parent/Guardian's Of Registered Players For 2019 Season.

Thanks Any Questions Email Us @





For Questions Email Us At

Injury Report Link

Injury Report Link For Team Safety Coordinator To Report Injuries

Tvyfl 2019 Rule Book

Football Training

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Sandy Youth Football Mission Statement

 Sandy Youth Football is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching, promoting and governing all aspects of football among all players who join our league. We strive to implant firmly in those players the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and respect for authority so that they may grow up to be well adjusted, strong, trustworthy individuals. We believe in improving the future of our kids through focusing on the importance of academics, social achievement and having fun and being safe along with positive experiences on and off the football field. 

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