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Monthly Board Meeting Update

UPDATE: October 16,2022 location:

paola's pizza barn upstairs.

Our Monthly Board Meetings Are In-Person And If You

Would Like To Attend One Of the Board Meetings Email Us At

All Parents And Players Are Welcome To Attend.


Volunteers Needed

We Still Need A Concessions Coordinator and Flag Coordinator

If Interested In Any Of Those Spots Please Let Us Know.



Sandy Youth Football Mission Statement

 Sandy Youth Football is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching, promoting and governing all aspects of football among all players who join our league. We strive to implant firmly in those players the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and respect for authority so that they may grow up to be well adjusted, strong, trustworthy individuals. We believe in improving the future of our kids through focusing on the importance of academics, social achievement and having fun and being safe along with positive experiences on and off the football field. 

Sandy Youth Football and Cheer Board is made up of a group of volunteer parents who have done an amazing job with this program.  Every decision made is based on what is best for the children and the program.  Our board and youth program is one of the most organized and well managed in the area. 


We are looking for more volunteers to join our board and help our league continue to grow.


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 Micky Built Custom Cabinets For Our Concessions Trailer